It all started in 1992, Eric Farran was 22 and had always loved playing drums. One summer afternoon in May, while watching a Rolling Stones bootleg documentary, he was hypnotized by Mick Jagger’s harmonica intro to the song Midnight Rambler. He said to himself “I want to do that!”. So he got himself a harmonica, for the next three years he has fun with it and plays along to songs here and there but nothing serious. Then in 1995, a friend invites him to see Jim Zeller, Montreal’s harmonica virtuoso. Eric is blown away by what can be done with this little instrument. He then decides to practice more seriously and he delves passionately into the blues.

In May 2000, he quits his day job as commercial loans officer and so begins his career in the music business. He starts his own band called The Ramblers. They play over 100 paying gigs a year in bars, clubs, private events, festivals, weddings and the prestigious Festival International de Jazz de Montreal, Through the years the band recorded and released three albums of original music, Bad Boys Of Blues in 2009, Love Automatic in 2012 and Suicide Blues in 2017. Suicide Bues was re-released in 2019 under the name Eric Farran and The Ramblers after he acquired proper distribution through Propagande/Believe Digital.

Through the years, a few of the band’s songs have played on radio stations that program blues, including Montreal’s CHOM FM’s Black Cat Alley. The band has also performed and appeared on several television talk shows. Eric Farran’s live performances are known to be fiery and energetic, he gets his audience going and on their toes!

Eric is now hard at work on writing and perfecting the demos for his next project that is set for release for spring/summer of 2021. He plans on touring regularly across Quebec and Canada to promote the album.